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Work First, Study Second: Adult Undergraduates Who Combine Employment and Postsecondary Enrollment

Author: Ali Berker and Laura Horn
Source: National Center for Education Statistics: Washington DC; August 2003.
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Text: The following is the abstract of the publication. The full publication may be found through the link above.

Most older students combine employment and postsecondary schooling, but some consider themselves to be primarily students (who work), while others emphasize their role as employees (who study). This analysis compares two groups of working adult undergraduates enrolled in 1999-2000 according to the emphasis or importance they placed on work versus postsecondary enrollment. The analysis addresses the following questions regarding working adult undergraduates (age 24 or older): How do the demographic characteristics of students who identify themselves as employees who study differ from those who identify themselves as students who work? How do the employment and attendance patterns of these two groups of students differ? How do employees who study and students who work differ in where they enroll and what they study? How do employees who study differ from students who work in their reliance on financial aid? How successful are the two groups in completing their postsecondary programs of study?